Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How can I make my Damaged Hair Healthy Again?

So you have super damaged, dry and brittle hair? Well I am here to tell you what you should do to make you locks luscious again!

1- Use Quality Products!
I talk about this in every hair-related post I swear! But it is so important to use quality and professional product on your hair! We all know that the name brand sauce tastes better than the cheaper great value one right? So why would  you use the cheap brands on your hair? I consider it an investment! HERE is a link to my blog post about what hair products I recommend to you for all hair types, styles and textures!  And PLEASE use a heat protectant!

2- Get a Deep Conditioning Treatment
There are many benefits to getting a deep conditioning treatment. But aside from the relaxing girl time, deep conditioning treatments use strong tee tree oil conditioners to penetrate the strands and condition the hair from root to porous ends. It smooths the hair and provides keratin packed treatment to help your hair stay long and strong and healthy! It also helps control frizz and rebuilds damaged hair! If you go to a Cosmetology School they only cost $5 - $10 and they are well worth it!

 You can also give yourself a deep conditioning treatment at home! Get a shower cap, and wash your hair out with professional shampoo! I suggest TIGI BedHead Reconstruct shampoo. Then use TIGI S Factor Serious Conditioner. Work thoroughly into the ends of the hair and lightly through the scalp. Then throw on the shower cap and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then rinse!

3- Give Your Hair  a Break!
Your hair goes through so much!  Everything from being dyed, curling irons, blow dryers, straighteners, sun exposure, water exposure, it's a lot for one strand to handle! I suggest doing a "hair diet"! This is where you spend a week without using ANY hot tools at all! No blow dryers and no thermals! During this week you should also not wash your hair! The natural oils in your hair are important! If you have super greasy hair wash it once in the middle of the week but that is it! Use dry Shampoo instead!
*For Dry Shampoo I make my own by using baby powder (for blonde hair) and if you have dark hair mix the baby powder with coco powder!

***Thanks to Chelsea and Erin Baker for asking this question***


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