Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Hair Products Do You Use?

I get asked this all the time! I use Redken! I am a super brand-loyal gal but I love Redken products! I will admit though recently I have been seeing another brand! TiGi! Most of you know TiGi by their line BedHead, which I love! Here I will go over a few of my favorite styling products and I'll tell you all about why I love them and when to use them! I will also give you a few of my at-home remedies!

Redken Iron Silk
This is my #1 must have product! First of all it smells heavenly! It's a light fun flirty scent! If there is one thing I HATE it's heavily scented product! Iron Silk does two things for your hair. First of all it's a heat protectant, and it also helps straighten the hair as you blow dry it! If you are wanting to style your hair with curls or waves use Redken's Iron Style!

Redken Align

This Polishing Milk is PERFECT for frizzy haired girls! I hate those inevitable fly-aways that ruin a picture or a cute bun! Redken's Align 12 is an "Ultra Straightening Balm" that smooths the hair and gives is shine. If you have curly hair or texture and still want the help use Redken Outshine

Redken Guts
Volume! That's what this product is all about. Apply it to your roots while your hair is damp, and then bend over (so your hair is standing upward) and blowdry! It's amazing! But this typically works best for girls who have thick or normal hair (like me!) but if you have really fine hair I'd use TiGi Sugar Shock! It's the same thing, just apply it on dry hair instead of wet with no blowdry time needed.

TiGi Bedhead Hook-Up Moose Wax
This is the best product for keeping perms looking fresh, or to manage your crazy curls! The best thing about this products is it isn't just a moose, it's a moose wax! That means it doesn't get hard or crunchy, but it's still foamy and light and you apply it just like a moose!

TiGi Hard Head Hair Spray
This is hands down the best hairspray of all time. You seriously can't beat it. It has a fun and light scent, it's got amazing hold, your hair doesn't get crunchy, and $15 get's you a massive can of it! Great product, great brand, great value.

Redken Shampoo & Conditioners
Shampoos and Conditioners can be a little tricky since different hair types require different things. But I love Redken shampoos and conditioners! They have Color Extend, Extreme (for damaged hair), All Soft (for normal hair), and several others. But if you don't want to pay the big bucks for a great shampoo buy Pantene and Heads and Shoulders. The equate versions don't do the same thing! Trust me! While Pantene isn't as great as a Redken shampoo it's the best thing you can buy at WalMart. But when it comes to dandruff your best bargain brand is Heads and Shoulders.

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